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Silverstone Parish Council

Serving the people of Silverstone

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Clerk: Mrs Linda Paice
9 Bradden Way, Greens Norton
Towcester, Northamptonshire
NN12 8BY

Tel: 01327 353622

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Silverstone Parish Council provides your local services. We strive to make Silverstone a better place to live, work and play. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Latest News

New School move delayed again

Move to New School Delayed

Dear Parent/Carer

Unfortunately the planned move to our new school between 30th May and 9th June has been post-poned and we will not be moving into our new school premises over the May half-term.

Silverstone CE Primary received notification of this delay on Friday 31st March, the last day of term before the Easter Break. Over the Easter holiday we have been in contact with senior leaders within the authority, including Lesley Hagger (Director of Children, Families and Education) and Chris Wickens (Capital Programme Manager), regarding the impact of the delay and the detrimental timing of the notification. More »

We have made it very clear to the Local Authority of our concerns and disappointment, especially as this has a significant impact on parents who have organised alternative child care arrangements between 5th and 9th June. Northants County Council (NCC) have made the following statement:

Northamptonshire County Council would like to sincerely apologise to all parents and carers of pupils attending Silverstone CE Primary School in relation to the delay in the school's relocation to its brand new premises.

NCC would like to emphasise that the delay has been compounded by a number of issues during the construction of the new school buildings and is no fault of Silverstone CE Primary School.

A key reason for delay to the project has centred around the contractors supply chain, and the installation and connection of utility supplies.

NCC have continued to remain engaged with the main contractor and are taking measures to address the delays in the construction programme in an attempt to not increase the impact on the school opening any further than that we have already experienced.

It is most regrettable that we are having to advise you that the opening, as expected, cannot go ahead and that this decision has not been entered into lightly knowing the impact on children, parents and the school staff.

NCC would also like to apologise for the late notice in respect of the announcement of this delay and any inconvenience caused by the delay. Every possible avenue was explored in respect of making it possible for the school to relocate in June however, once it was realised this would not be possible, the decision to delay the move was made in the best interests of pupils attending the school.

Please rest assured the NCC are taking all possible steps to ensure the new school building is finished as soon as possible and to the highest possible standard for both current and future pupils of Silverstone CE Primary School.

Chris Wickens

Capital Programme Manager

This delay is very frustrating and we have challenged this position with the Authority. The Authority have offered to support the school in any way they can to ensure our revised dates for moving limit the impact on children, parents and staff. This delay raises a number of questions:

Will Silverstone CE Primary be open as usual week commencing Monday 5th June?

Yes – Silverstone CE Primary will close for half term on Friday 26th May and reopen on Monday 5th June. We expect children to be in school as normal week commencing 5th June.

What happens if I have already booked a holiday between 5th - 9th June?

We have received confirmation from NCC that no action will be taken if your child is absent from school during this week. If you have already booked a holiday then please inform the school by Friday 28th April. Please ask the school office for the 'Leave of Absence Request' form. Due to the exceptional circumstances this absence will be authorised. It is important we are correctly informed of any absence.

Will normal school meals be available week commencing 22ndMay?

Yes – the full menu will be available for the final week before half term.

When will the new school premises be handed over to Silverstone CE Primary School?

We are still in discussion with the authority but it is most likely the new premises will be handed over in July.

So when will Silverstone CE Primary finally move into the new building?

We are planning on a gradual move during the summer term. In July we hope to move across various 'central resources' into the new premises. Over the summer holiday the classroom resources will be moved across. The school will then open for children at the start of the new academic year in September.

Will Silverstone CE Primary be closing for any additional days in term time?

To limit further disruption to parents, the school will not be closing for any additional days this academic year. There may be a possibility the school will remain closed for one extra day at the start of the new term in September – if so this will be confirmed by the end of May.

When will parents receive information about drop off and pick up procedures as well as classroom locations?

A meeting will take place in second half of the summer term. A date will be set nearer the time and we hope to hold the meeting on the new site to enable parents to have a tour of the new school.

We have done everything possible at Silverstone CE Primary to try to enable the move to take place as planned. We apologisefor any inconvenience this has caused. The disruption to the curriculum will be minimal and life at Silverstone CE Primary will continue with another energetic term; complete with residential trips, exciting lessons, sports day and various other events along the way.

We will keep you updated as and when we receive further information regarding the move.

Yours sincerely

James Bloomfield???? » Less

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:13 by Peter Byng

How to risk a higher fine!

How to risk a higher fine!

All dog owners are aware that they are required to pick up after their dogs The fine for failing to do so is £50. However, the fine for bagging it and NOT disposing of it in an appropriate bin (dog bin, public litter bin or black bin at home) counts as littering and carries a fine of £75

The sight of plastic bags, thown into undergrowth, pinned up on braches is distatseful in the extreme and the bags can take many years to degrade. More »

BIN IT or take it home.

Extra dog patrols are currently being operated in Silverstone » Less

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 17:42 by Peter Byng

SNC agrees to Parish Council's application to establish a Neighbourhood Area.

SNC Press release.

Silverstone Neighbourhood Plan moves up a gear

One of the world's most famous villages is taking the first steps towards having a greater say over its future. This week South Northamptonshire Council's (SNC) Cabinet approved Silverstone Parish Council's (SPC) application to establish a Neighbourhood Area (NA). Designation of the NA is the first step towards allowing a Parish Councils to create a Neighbourhood Plan if they chose to do so. More »

This is part of a package of measures introduced by central Government to allow Parish Councils and their communities to have more say in the development that takes place in their area.

Adrian Colwell, SNC's head of strategic planning and economy said: "Silverstone is not just the home of British motorsport, it is also home to thousands of residents and they have a right to have their say over how the village changes in the future."

If SPC decide they want to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan, they would work with residents to draft the document which sets out policies that guide development and can allocate sites for specific uses.

The drafting process requires at least two formal six week consultation. Once SNC confirms that the draft plan complies with local and national planning policy, it is then studied by an independent examiner. Village residents are then asked in a referendum if they wish for the Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted. » Less

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:46 by Peter Byng