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Parish Council objects to Church Street Planning Application

At a crowded Parish Council meeting which was attended by over 50 local residents, several of whom chose to express their opinions during the public voice time set aside at the start of the meeting, the Parish Council members voted nem. con. to object to the outline planning application for 30 houses on land opposite the playing field in Church Street.

The full reasons given are shown below.

The Council OBJECTS to the application on the following grounds:

  • Outside the village confines and contrary to Policy of Local Plan currently in force.
  • Development in open countryside and on land identified as an important local gap contrary to Policy of Local Plan currently in force.
  • No consideration appears to have been given to the impact on any protected species present and the impact on the mature trees and hedgerows that bound the site, including the adjacent Pocket Park which is protected as an area TPO giving rise to concerns on biodiversity.
  • Loss of amenity to neighbours and contrary to Policy of Local Plan currently in force.
  • The eastern boundary of the site lies within Flood Zones 2 and 3. There is recorded evidence of serious flooding issues in this location over recent years.
  • Concern is expressed over visibility from the proposed access onto Church Street giving rise to increased traffic flows on a road with no safe pedestrian access in the form of pavements to the centre of the village and a dangerous blind bend.
  • Impact on the character of the settlement and infilling between 'West End' and 'Silverstone' and area which is designated as a Special Landscape Area is considered by the Council to be unacceptable.
  • The Council considered such development as proposed to be totally unsustainable. When the Catch Yard Farm development is complete Silverstone village will have taken 319 new homes since 2009. At the time of instigation of the Interim Rural Housing policy the stated number of appropriate dwellings for Silverstone was 44
  • No proven evidence of the requirements for further social housing in the village
  • Insufficient allowance of parking spaces in an area where on road parking would raise significant issues.

Additionally the Council would comment that there appear to be several inconsistencies in the application form which claims that the site is not at risk of flooding, is not within 20metre of a watercourse and totally ignores the existence of the adjacent pocket park with a significant amount of biodiversity. It also incorrectly states that there are no hedges.

Posted: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 11:03 by Peter Byng

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