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Over 200 attend Parish Plan Exhibition

Over 200 attend Parish Plan Exhibition

The official count of those who attended the Parish Plan exhibition in the Church Rooms on Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd December was 222. Those who attended generally stayed quite a long time looking at the various display boards, writing out their comments and getting in discussion with members of the drafting team and others. At a rough guess, the average time spent would have been about three quarters of an hour with a few staying much longer. It was pleasing that those attending also included some who, through their companies have expressed an interest in developing various parcels of land.

While the exhibition has now closed it is still possible to view the Parish Plan and Design Statement on this website and to make comments on line up to the end of December.

It is anticipated that the Parish Plan and the responses received in writing and on line will be discussed at the Jannuary meeting of the Parish Council and, if the draft is approved by that Council, will be presented to South Northamptonshire Council for a decision on its adoption. If so adopted, the contents of the Plan and Design Statement should be taken into account when considering future planning applications.

Discussion and formal consideration of an expected proposal to develop the Plan further, to convert the work already done into a full Neighbourhood Plan is likely to wait until after the open information meeting for Silverstone Parish Councillors and residents at the Forum on 17th January.

Posted: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 21:24 by Peter Byng

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