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SNC agrees to Parish Council's application to establish a Neighbourhood Area.

SNC Press release.

Silverstone Neighbourhood Plan moves up a gear

One of the world's most famous villages is taking the first steps towards having a greater say over its future. This week South Northamptonshire Council's (SNC) Cabinet approved Silverstone Parish Council's (SPC) application to establish a Neighbourhood Area (NA). Designation of the NA is the first step towards allowing a Parish Councils to create a Neighbourhood Plan if they chose to do so.

This is part of a package of measures introduced by central Government to allow Parish Councils and their communities to have more say in the development that takes place in their area.

Adrian Colwell, SNC's head of strategic planning and economy said: "Silverstone is not just the home of British motorsport, it is also home to thousands of residents and they have a right to have their say over how the village changes in the future."

If SPC decide they want to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan, they would work with residents to draft the document which sets out policies that guide development and can allocate sites for specific uses.

The drafting process requires at least two formal six week consultation. Once SNC confirms that the draft plan complies with local and national planning policy, it is then studied by an independent examiner. Village residents are then asked in a referendum if they wish for the Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted.

Posted: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:46 by Peter Byng

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