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Silverstone Parish Plan and Design Statement

Silverstone Parish Plan and Design Statement

As most of you will already know the Silverstone Parish Plan and Design Statement was formally adopted by SNC on 19th July 2017 and has already played a significant role in the decision making process of controlling unacceptable development in the green core of our village.

Some may have viewed the document on this website already. It is an extremely interesting read, giving a fascinating insight into the history, life and development of Silverstone, with excellent images of the village. It also highlights the areas deemed as 'precious assets' by the community, which as current residents of Silverstone, we need to safeguard for future generations.

Many of you have expressed an interest in having a printed copy of this document that you can keep as an historical reference.Something to show the great-grandchildren in years to come of what Silverstone was like in the year 2017.

We have therefore decided to print a limited number of copies, which are initially offered to residents at a concession price of £3 each. They will also be available to builders and developers for the full price of £5. The Parish Council would encourage anyone considering building in the village to buy a copy to appreciate the shared vision of our community and understand the future aims with regard to design and quality of any development. The book runs to 44 pages and has been printed in full colour as a high quality booklet and would be an ideal coffee table addition.

If you would like to purchase a copy they are available at Crofts Stores.

This project has been funded and organised by Silverstone Parish Council to whom all payments will ultimately be sent.

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 20:26 by James Laband

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